All tours start and end at 602 Virginia Ave.* Home of The Pickled Pedaler!

Do I have to have a reservation?

Yes. All tours are reservation based.
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What is the Pickled Pedaler?

Indy’s hottest 14 passenger BYOB party bike! The Pedaler is built for comfort and FUN! Electric assist motor included on all tours. No need to exhaust yourself! If your to pickled to pedal we can take it the rest of the way… The Pickled Pedaler is for everyone!

Who should rent The Pickled Pedaler?

Anyone who wants to have a good time! Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, Wedding Carriage, Family Reunions, Tailgating, Pub Crawls, Team Building, Corporate Events, Company Parties, Fundraisers, Promotions, Touring The Town, Themed Night Out, Picnics, Mom’s Day Out, Date Night! The possibilities are endless! It’s your party…. We are open to how you want to roll!

Do you have to be a certain age?

All guests of The Pickled Pedaler must be 21 or over to rent or ride.

Can I drink alcohol on the bike?

Yes! Indiana state law allows passengers aboard The Pickled Pedaler to consume alcohol. All alcohol is BYOB. No glass please. Alcohol must remain on the bike at all times.

Beer, Wine, premixed drinks or prepackaged mixed drinks work best. Please pack up your coolers before arriving. All drinks brought on board must be in aluminum cans or plastic containers. No hard liquor shots or glass permitted on board the Pickled Pedaler.

What if it rains?

We are always watching the weather closely. If the weather is severe enough ie; thunder, lightning, freezing rain you will be notified prior to your tour start time to offer a rain check. You may also choose to ride anyway as long as the weather is safe. Never assume your tour is cancelled.
The Pickled Pedaler will pedal on rain or shine! You will stay semi dry under the canopy roof. FREE rain ponchos are offered to all riders. We will make a stop or two along the way at a bar/brewery to dry off. We have found that most pedaler’s have the most fun singing in the rain! Check out our photos and reviews if you don’t believe us! Let the good times roll…

What if I get tired or too pickled to pedal?

No worries. We have an electric assist motor that will take you the rest of the way.

How many coolers fit on board?

We can fit 3 full size coolers. If you would like to use our built in cooler, it will hold approximately 48 cans. Remember to bring the ice!

How much does it cost to rent The Pickled Pedaler?

Our price is $300 per 2 hour tour Sunday-Thursday and $400 on Friday and Saturday. Make sure to book well in advance. You can book and pay online with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We do not accept checks.

Does The Pickled Pedaler provide a driver?

Yes! Your driver will steer and brake while you pedal. The driver is in charge of the tour and at any time can end the tour if you or anyone in your group acts inappropriately. You will be asked to find your own way home.

Does The Pickled Pedaler have music?

Absolutely! We have an exceptional sound quality stereo with Bazooka speakers. You can bring along your own personal play list or listen to one of ours and plug in!

Is it safe to ride The Pickled Pedaler?

Yes! The Pickled Pedaler is the safest bike on the market. It features rack and pinion steering, front and rear suspension with coil springs, hydraulic disk brake, rear view mirror & horn, LED lights, turn signals, brake lights, emergency brake, emergency flashers, and running lights. It also has under counter lights, upper cabinet lights, ground effect lights and a state of the art electric assist motor. The Pickled Pedaler is an all American made bike that is handcrafted by the best certified welders in the business. We offer all riders the option to accept or decline wearing a helmet during their tour. So jump on and have FUN!!

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations made 14 days or more, prior to the tour date, can be rescheduled or you will be issued a refund for the charged amount less $30 for credit card processing fees. Cancellations less than 14 days – no refund or rain check will be issued. You are responsible for the full price of the tour, regardless of the deposited amount.

Are there a minimum number of riders needed to book a tour?

No. Our recommendation is that you have at least 4 riders and a maximum of 14.

What is top cruising speed of The Pickled Pedaler?

While riding, the wind will blow thru your hair while we reach lightning speeds of 5-7 MPH!

Is it easy to pedal?

Yes! You can do this. 🙂

Can I bring decorations?

Yes! You can add to your party theme by bringing balloons, streamers etc… It’s your party!

Who is responsible for personal items?

You are. The Pickled Pedaler provides on board, overhead storage for your convenience, but we are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.

Should I tip my driver?

Please feel free to tip our drivers. It’s always appreciated. Thank you.

Where do we go?

We don’t have a specific route. All 2 hour tours makes 2-3 stops. Typically we head in to the heart of the city where the action is! When and where we pedal is your choice. The driver is always happy to offer up suggestions based on your groups interest.

Where does my tour start?

All tours launch from 602 Virginia Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46203. We have plenty of free parking on site and a clean restroom. Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled tour time.

What does the Pickled Pedaler provide?

Driver (aka Chief Pickle Engineer)
Electric assist motor
LED club style lighting
Frosty large cooler
Adjustable cushioned seats all around
Premium sound system to keep the party movie
extra storage for personal items
a experience like none other

Can I bring glass?

No glass is permitted on the party bike. This is strictly enforced, per city regulations.

What if I have a extra rider or two? Can they ride too?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. We can only allow 14 riders on the bike at one time due to insurance and city regulations.

What if I have more than 14 people in my group?

You can rent multiple bikes. Reservations are only available for private tours.

What should I wear?

Dress appropriate for predicted weather conditions. We do not recommend wearing high heals or dresses/skirts. Tennis shoes, boots or sandals work best!

Looking forward to planning your party with you!

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