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The Pickled Pedaler is Growing: Bike Number 2 is Coming Soon!

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2014 was an amazing year for The Pickled Pedaler. We had a ton of fun and were able to grow our business thanks to our awesome customers. Things went SO well that we needed to purchase a second bike to accommodate all of the pedaler’s who were looking to get pickled. Good news, that second bike is in the works right now and will be ready to hit the streets of Indianapolis starting June 12.

Over the course of our first season we received a lot of helpful feedback about our bike. We took all the great suggestions and used them to make bike #2 even better than the first. Although bike #1 (AKA the Big Dill) will always hold a special place in our hearts, we think the new bike is going to really knock your socks off!

Here are few things we’ve updated/added to our new party bike:

MORE POWER (insert Tim the Toolman Taylor bark here)! We’ve added more battery power so the bike will be faster and provide a longer charge time so we can keep pedaling late into the evening. The increased battery power will make it easier for our riders to kick back and enjoy the tour.

MORE SPEAKERS We’re adding more speakers to improve the surround sound on our bike. We know our riders like to play their music loud, and this addition will make the experience even better than before. Speakers in the front, speakers in the back, and a party everywhere in between!

MORE SAFETY Safety is always our highest priority when giving tours. As such, we’ve improved our bench seat by adding a taller side rail. Not that the old way was unsafe…we just wanted to make sure everyone who sits there is as comfy and safe as possible.

We can’t wait to get our second bike out on the road. If you’d like to be one of the first to take a tour with bike #2, feel free to book your tour today. We’ll start tours with our new addition starting June 12 and the spots are going to fill up fast!

We’re looking forward to another fun year in Indianapolis. Thanks for pedaling with us!


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