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The Pickled Pedaler – A Custom Party Bike Built for You!

When we first started dreaming about owning and operating a party bike in Indianapolis, we weren’t exactly sure where to get started. We did know, however, that we wanted something fully customizable, super comfortable, and a little funky. And we knew we wanted a party bike with a motor to help out our pedalers if they find themselves a wee bit too pickled to pedal.

As we did our research, we came across Atek Custom’s party bike and realized that was the bike for us! They fully customize each bike with specific colors, features, and personality. They put it best when they say, “The Party Bike is the original “Rolls-Royce” of party bikes…Your bike does not have to look like a square tube with a barrel, nor does it have to be one of only five colors.”

We made the trip out to sunny Arizona to check out their bikes, and it was love at first site! Our first visit was in September of 2013. On this visit we were able to see a finished bike that was heading to Pennsylvania. As soon as we saw that beauty roll across the parking lot, we knew that Jon and Atek were the perfect choice to help us make our dreams a reality.

We took a second trip in December to see our bike for the first time. It was completely finished…all new and shiny! We absolutely loved it. It was funky, comfy, and ready to rock the streets of Indianapolis!

We worked closely with the team at Atek to come up with the perfect party bike, and we called it the Pickled Pedaler! As we mentioned before, we didn’t want this beer bike to be boring. That’s why we customized it with all these features:

  • The electric assist motor
  • Ground effects with underbody lights
  • Bazooka speakers to blast your favorite tunes
  • Custom rims and tires
  • Padded and adjustable seats
  • Extra large cooler to hold extra tasty craft beers

We added all these features for you! We wanted our bike to be the best in town, and we think these bells and whistles make that true! The only thing the Pickled Pedaler is missing, is YOU.

Although it was tough to wait for our bike to be built, we did enjoy the process thanks to all the photos. See below for photos from start to finish.

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We’re so happy now that the bike is built and rambling the streets of Indianapolis! We have a blast meeting folks from all over the place who are looking to experience Indy in a whole new way. Thanks to everyone who has taken a ride, and welcome to all of those who haven’t. If you’d like to book a tour, you can do it right here on the website.

Pedal on!