Rules & Regulations

  • All riders must be 21 or over to ride
  • Every rider must read and sign a liability waiver
  • No glass is permitted.
  • Beer and wine only. Prepackaged drinks are okay Ex: Bud Light Margarita’s etc..
  • Helmets are offered at the start of the tour. it is your choice to wear one or not
  • Your driver is the Chief Pickle Engineer on board so please listen to him
  • No jumping on or off the Pedaler during the tour. Planned stops only
  • Identified excessive alcohol consumption could lead to ending your tour with no refund
  • Pickled Pedaler staff do not sell or serve alcohol
  • Photo ID’s are checked at the time of departure
  • No littering, excessive noise or general debauchery
  • No alcoholic beverages can leave the bike once you leave the lot on Virginia Ave. And may not be handed off the bike
  • No foul language or disrespect to the community
  • No abuse to the bike such as hanging or reaching off the bike for safety reasons
  • all rules of the road apply to the Pedaler while in motion. Your driver will help everyone stick with them.
  • The Pickled Pedaler, Inc. is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items while on the tour.
  • Please respect our fun, unique party bike business. If you have any questions regarding tour safety and the rules, give us a call or see your driver before coming aboard.
  • Please plan ahead and have a designated driver for the ride home. Don’t drink and drive.

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